Positive Reputation with John Fletcher

Positive Reputation is the topic of tonight’s Mike & Willie show. John Fletcher with Fletcher Consulting will talk about “Building POWERFUL Reputations.” Some of John’s clients have included the Harlem Globetrotters, H-E-B Grocery, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, AgTexas Farm Credit, and Dalworth Clean. Tune in to hear about his $1,000 giveaway at the HEB Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.

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Destroy Moment of Mediocrity with Dr. Kaz

Brain trainer Dr. Kaz joins Mike & Willie tonight to discuss her latest book, “Destroy Moments of Mediocrity.” International speaker and former Olympic athlete coach, Dr. Kaz talks about fear, motivation and brain energy. Listen in for an exciting and informative show. 

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Empowerment with Mark Stratton

“Empowering Better for Everyone” is the topic of today’s Mike & Willie Show. Guest Mark Stratton, chief solutions architect with Main Street Pilot, talks about making life better through confidence building, patience and decision making. Mark is the co-author of “Inspired Right – Simply Better for Everyone.”

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Main Street Pilot CEO Talks Empowerment

Empowering Better for Everyone on the Mike & Willie Show

Guest Brian Searcy, CEO of Main Street Pilot, talks about teaching critical thinking, negotiation skills, conflict resolution and more. He works with businesses and schools and is the co-author of Inspired Right, Simply for Everyone.

Main Street Pilot – is a company that revolutionizes personal skills development content and programs to empower better outcomes for everyone.

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